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Satan's Little Helper - Horror Movie Review (Day 5 of 31) - October Massacre

PLOT: Young Dougieís favorite video game is Satanís Little Helper, where the player helps Satan run many an evil deed. On Halloween, Dougie comes across someone dressed in a Satan-esque costume carrying a dead body. Believing that the body is just a realistic dummy, the young boy thinks his favorite video game has come to life! The costumed killer takes a liking to the lad and...
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Amanda Plummer joins NBC's Hannibal season two

Hannibal Lechter had his hands full with cops and killers alike in the first season of NBC's "Hannibal" , and there's no doubt that he'll be encountering more adversaries in the new one. One such person will be Amanda Plummer, best known for her turns in PULP FICTION and THE FISHER KING. According to The Wrap, Plummer will play Katherine Pimms, described as a hippie-chic...
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