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Scream Factory reveals release date, extras for The Slumber Party Massacre Blu-ray

Back in October of last year we learned that the always-awesome Scream Factory would be bringing the 1982 classic THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE to Blu-ray and today we've learned when to expect it to hit shelves as well as what kind of extras will be included on the release. On March 18 loyal fans and horror enthusiasts are invited to join Scream Factory for the ultimate...
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Scream Factory to bring The Slumber Party Massacre to Blu-ray next year!

The Scream Factory is at it again! We've said it a thousand times and it always bears repeating: The Scream Factory is f'n awesome ! And now the fine folks at Scream Factory will be bringing another cult classic to Blu-ray, recently announcing that 1982′s THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE will be making its way to Blu-ray early next year! Over on their Facebook page...
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