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Anchor Bay to release Martyrs remake on unsuspecting public

The French extremist horror film MARTYRS has captured the sick imaginations of hardcore audiences worldwide, but the real intrigue begins at home. When the news broke in February that an American remake of MARTYRS was being produced by Blumhouse and The Safran Company, fans were surprised to hear that the flick had already finished filming under the radar. We were all left...
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Details on Nascar racer Stanton Barrett's Navy SEALs vs. Zombies

If there ever was a zombie threat in the real world I would think our best chance of fighting them off would come in the form of America's elite warriors, the Navy SEALs. Now NASCAR racer, stuntman, and director Stanton Barrett is set to show us just how the SEALs would deal with the walking dead in the upcoming NAVY SEALS VS. ZOMBIES. Get your engines's time to...
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Anchor Bay picks up I Spit On Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine

For better or worse, Anchor Bay has picked up yet another I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE film, and this time it has an even longer title. If you’ve lost track, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE: VENGEANCE IS MINE marks the third chapter in CineTel Films’ horror franchise and will act as a continuation of the 2010 storyline, which is currently in post-production, expected to be released later...
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Anchor Bay to release Nils Timm's Echoes, starring Kate French, in April

A few months ago we brought you the AFM trailer for Nils Timm's directorial debut ECHOES, which stars Kate French, Billy Wirth, Steven Brand, and Steve Hanks in a tale that concerns sleep paralysis, terrifying visions, and ghostly terrors. Now we've learned that Anchor Bay will be releasing ECHOES on DVD and Blu-ray on April 15. I dug the first trailer for ECHOES as there...
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Raven Banner, Anchor Bay grab Canadian rights to festival hit Housebound

Gerard Johnstone's festival hit HOUSEBOUND just hit VOD, iTunes, and limited theaters in the U.S. via Xlrator, and now we've learned that Canadian rights to the Kiwi horror-comedy have been scooped up by Raven Banner and Anchor Bay. Twitch is reporting that HOUSEBOUND's Canadian deal was announced last Thursday night to a sell out crowd at the Toronto After Dark Film...
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Box Set Review: Halloween the Complete Collection

Today marks the release of ANCHOR BAY's and SCREAM FACTORY's EPIC HALLOWEEN THE COMPLETE COLLECTION BOXSET . I spent the weekend going through it and on the whole it made this Myers fan very happy. Now keep in mind that I haven't been buying every edition of each film on disk that has come out over the years, so most of the extras here were fairly new to me....
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Exclusive: Malek Akkad's Free Fall starring Sarah Butler coming this October

Hope you're not scared of confined spaces... We can exclusively tell you that on October 28th, Anchor Bay Entertainment will release the intense suspense thriller FREE FALL on Blu-ray and DVD. The feature directorial debut of Malek Akkad (producer of the Halloween franchise), FREE FALL has been billed as "a nail-biting journey through the ruthless and potentially deadly corporate...
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Halloween Complete Collection special features updated!

Last month we were all positively blown away by the news Anchor Bay and Scream Factory are joining forces on HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION , which will bring us every damn Halloween movie ever in one beautiful batch. Yes, that includes SEASON OF THE WITCH, the Rob Zombie versions and even the legendary "Producer's Cut" of THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS. Definitive isn't an accurate enough...
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Ghost in the Shell 25th Anniversary Blu-ray coming in September

One of the most important animes of all time, GHOST IN THE SHELL , is getting a lovingly restored 25th Anniversary Blu-ray this fall courtesy of Anchor Bay. Boasting an all new HD transfer, the Mamoru Oshii film streets on September 30th. The synopsis for those who have never seen it: 2029 A female government cyber agent and the Internal Bureau of Investigations are hot on...
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New pic of Jamie Lee Curtis recording for Halloween: the Complete Collection

Earlier this month we brought you the artwork reveal and pre-ordering info for a collection we've been waiting a long time to have in our hands, HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION . We've already gotten a look at some of the incredibly cool extras that will be coming in this set, but the fine folks at Scream Factory and Anchor Bay tell us that bonus features continue to be...
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Silent Night, Deadly Night has a 30th Anniversary Blu-ray on the way!

Punish! The most twisted of holiday horror flicks, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary this fall with a brand new Blu-ray! Anchor Bay will be releasing the new edition on September 16th. No special features have officially been announced yet, but we can assume it'll be overflowing with new documentaries and interviews. Awesome new cover art...
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Halloween: The Complete Collection artwork reveal & pre-order info!

It may be Friday the 13th, a day for fans to celebrate our hockey-masked hero Jason Voorhees, but Michael Myers is hoping that you won't mind if he cuts in for some special news. Last month we brought you the news that Anchor Bay and Scream Factory were teaming up to bring us HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION on Blu-ray this fall. Because of rights issues, the complete saga...
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