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Werewolves of the Third Reich coming to DVD in December

Rob Zombie may not ever get around to turning his GRINDHOUSE faux trailer WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE S.S. into a feature, so other filmmakers have to pick up the slack and bring us their own Nazi werewolf stories. Next month, we'll be getting writer/director Andrew Jones's take on that concept when his film WEREWOLVES OF THE THIRD REICH is released on DVD.  Jones's...
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Prepare to enter The Amityville Asylum with new poster, gallery

It seems that every few months we're hit with another tale of terror based around the iconic horror tale THE AMITYVILLE HORROR . From the recent Asylum entry THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING to the festival hit documentary MY AMITYVILLE HORROR and even the upcoming THE AMITYVILLE LEGACY 3-D, there certainly isn't a shortage of new fright flicks revolving around the events that transpired at 112...
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