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The Pack (Movie Review)

PLOT : A family is trapped in their isolated farmhouse by a pack of relentless, ravenous wild dogs. REVIEW : After twenty years of directing commercials and shorts, Nick Robertson has made his feature directorial debut with an entry in the "nature run amok" sub-genre of horror, a film that shares its title and some ideas with another killer dog movie that came out in...
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IFC Midnight to let The Pack howl in theaters this Spring

Nick Robertson's THE PACK has found a new alpha! The rabid canine thriller has been picked up by IFC Midnight, to be released in Spring 2016 . It's been quite a while since an animal attack flick has made a name for itself, but it's certainly a fun genre.  Dozens of hapless Americans have been slaughtered by FROGS, THE BIRDS, and even SLUGS, so it's...
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You can't hide from the trailer and poster for Nick Robertson's The Pack

We’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for Nick Robertson’s feral dog thriller THE PACK to see the light of day, and while a release date is still unknown, we at least have a new trailer and poster to share. The trailer is tense and covered in darkness, offering a grim look at a family trying to survive a violent onslaught of vicious dogs looking to turn them...
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Steven Schneider's The Tank travels into Cannes

Some good news has come our way regarding Steven Schneider’s isolation horror flick THE TANK as Glacier Films will see it get a theatrical release through Open Road. You may not recognize Schneider’s name right away but you’ve certainly seen some of the movies he has produced over the years— PARANORMAL ACTIVITY , the INSIDIOUS (pictured above) films and the...
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