Sinister 2 app lets you spread the fear to your friends!

Let's face it, most of the vines and videos you make aren't very interesting. No no, it's true. You might even be in the market for something to spice them up? Well then, Buguul has got you covered! The creepy folks behind SINISTER 2 have just released a fun little web app called "Spread the Fear" that allows you to add some creepy Buguul action to your videos. All you have to do is...
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App trailer and poster put terror in the palm of your hand

Without fail you can walk into a movie theater these days and the place is lit up like a f*cking Christmas tree because people can't seem to keep it in their paints… cellphones, that is. APP is an innovative smartphone-driven Dutch horror film that looks to take advantage of people's uncontrollable urge to have their phones out during a movie as it actually promotes the...
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Producer Neal Edelstein bringing ghost story Haunting Melissa to apps in 2013

To address the changing entertainment consumption habits of today’s always connected audiences, producer Neal Edelstein has formed Hooked Digital Media, a next-generation production company. The new company is committed to delivering a great story through quality film-making for tablet and mobile devices through app technology that reinvents distribution. Hooked Digital Media combines...
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Interactive Dutch horror flick App encourages smartphone use during the film

This is something I just can't see working, even though I admire the novel concept. Dutch horror film APP is inviting audiences to download a free app that "enhances" the film while you watch it. Meaning everyone in the theater will have their phone on, constantly checking it when the film prompts them to. As per an article in Variety, once the app is downloaded, you'll receive...
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Full Moon unveils its Grindhouse Flix streaming service!

If you're like me, you probably enjoy watching gritty exploitation movies on the go. It's a known fact-- 42nd street fare like CREEPOZOIDS, NECROPOLIS, and ZOMBIE LAKE were tailor-made to be played on smart phones and tablets. Finally, Full Moon is bringing these schlock classics to the forefront of the streaming age! Alright, so it may sound a little ridiculous when I put it like...
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