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Fede Alvarez talks Evil Dead 2: waiting on the 'right idea'

Several months ago we learned that EVIL DEAD director Fede Alvarez was still onboard the sequel to last years hit remake, stating that the continutation was ' very much alive ', although there hasn't been any word as to when we can expect it to happen. Flash forward several months and today the status of the proposed sequel remains much the same, although Alvarez has...
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Bruce Campbell now denies Army of Darkness 2 is happening; blames internet for 'misinformation'

Alright sir, the answer is yes." Those were the exact words to come out of Bruce Cambell's mouth last month at the Wizard World Nashville Comic Con when a fan asked The Chin if a sequel to ARMY OF DARKNESS was coming. But if you were hoping that ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 was a definite go, then you only have the internet to blame for your crushing disappointment. At...
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Fede Alvarez still onboard Evil Dead 2! Sequel is 'very much alive'

Yesterday we hit you with the news that director Fede Alvarez, who helmed this years remake of EVIL DEAD and was set to direct the sequel, and Rodo Sayagues, Alvarez's writing partner for EVIL DEAD 2, were no longer attached to the project with Gorosito.TV reporting that Sayagues had stated... Look, I am sorry to tell you this but that movie won’t happen. Evil Dead 2...
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Evil Dead 2 not happening with Fede Alvarez at the helm

With the recent encouraging news that ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 has some life in it comes sad news on the "other" EVIL DEAD front: Fede Alvarez, the director of the EVIL DEAD remake that hit back in the spring, is no longer attached to the project. Interestingly, it seems as though he hasn't been on board for a while, but this is the first we're hearing of his departure. The news...
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Sam Raimi to direct Army of Darkness 2?

It was only a week ago when we shared the news that ol' Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, has tossed out confirmation that the long awaited sequel to director Sam Raimi's ARMY OF DARKNESS was going to happen, and today we have seemingly have confirmation that Raimi will return to direct the sequel. Fede Alvarez, who directed this year’s EVIL DEAD remake, was asked on...
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Bruce Campbell confirms Army of Darkness 2

That headline caught your attention, didn't it? Of course it did! We've all been awaiting some kind of confirmation that a sequel to Sam Raimi's 1992 cult classic ARMY OF DARKNESS ever since we first heard the rumblings that it was in the works earlier this year. Now Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, has given us the confirmation we've all been wanting at the Wizard...
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Evil Dead 2 reboot, Army of Darkness 2 and a crossover film!

Our brothers in gore Dread Central were at Wondercon this weekend and they got some interesting juice from the EVIL DEAD panel. Here it goes! Director Fede Alvarez told the absolutely electrified crowd in attendance that should his film do well, he has plans to do his sequel while Raimi hopefully does Army of Darkness 2. Then he would like there to be a seventh crossover film which...
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Bruce Campbell talks Army of Darkness 2

Horror fans everywhere got excited once Sam Raimi dropped the news that he and his brother were finally going to write EVIL DEAD 4 this summer. We know how Raimi feels about it but what does Bruce Campbell think? Empire caught up with the actor and it sounds like the film is very much on his radar. Evil Dead IV, Army Of Darkness 2... however you want to slice it. Itís random ideas in...
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