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Ash has a daughter in Ash vs Evil Dead season 3!

This is some epic news in the world of EVIL DEAD fandom. Yes, Ashley Williams has a daughter. A teenage daughter. And she's "unruly". Go figure. Anyhow, as you can imagine I am dying with excitement hoping we learn that said daughter will be played by... you ready... Jane Levy! That is just my hope and dream let me stress. There has been absolutely ZERO talk of...
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 hits Blu-ray this August

Like every other human being on the planet, I am a huge fan of Bruce Campbell and the EVIL DEAD franchise. And, again like every other human on the planet, I was excited as hell for the Starz series ASH VS EVIL DEAD to finally hit two years back. The first season was a blast and the second upped the ante in big ways (all about that morgue scene and the episode 9...
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Ash vs The Army of Darkness celebrates 25th Anniversary w/ 99-cent issue

An all-new series of the ASH VS. THE ARMY OF DARKNESS  comic books, based on the EVIL DEAD franchise, is coming our way soon, and it will be sporting five new covers. But that's not all, folks; a #0 issue will be available for only $0.99.  Billed as "S-Mart Special Pricing" the $0.99 cent idea is meant to welcome a comic book "impulse buy"....
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Happy 30th Birthday Evil Dead II

Happy Birthday, EVIL DEAD II !  That's right, 30 years ago today the splatter sequel to end all splatter sequels hit theaters. Today I'd like to share a bit of the history of the film with you guys (as if you didn't already know these stories) and share some art inspired by the film.  Let's celebrate EVIL DEAD II. EVIL DEAD II was first brought...
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Cool Horror Gear: Ama Lea gives horror icons the beefcake calendar treatment

The latest project from photographer Ama Lea is such an odd and unexpected horror-related item, I had to share word of its existence with Arrow in the Head readers. I can't say I've ever wondered what beefcake shots of some of horror's biggest icons would look like, but now there's no need to wonder. Lea has shot just that sort of imagery for the Year of Fear 2017...
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Bruce Campbell tells us Army of Darkness is NOT a part of Ash vs Evil Dead

Back in July, when San Diego Comic-Con news was pouring out of every hole, the internet lit up when it heard the rumor ARMY OF DARKNESS would be a part of, or at least referenced during, the new season of Ash Vs Evil Dead . If you watched the first season, you'll recall the show basically ignored any hint of Ash's adventures in the Middle Ages, which seems like the sort of...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Bridget Fonda!

BRIDGET FONDA THEN : The past couple of weeks Iíve taken a little time to revisit movies that happen to be on cable. I guess itís kind of the old-fashioned way of just channel surfing to see what comes up, as opposed to just streaming or what have you. Three of the movies I enjoyed had an old crush of mine. First there was LAKE PLACID, and then it was SINGLE WHITE...
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Dissecting Director Bernard Rose!

"The glorious thing about horror is that this is the only genre where you can kill the entire cast." - Bernard Rose With a learned quote like that, it's hard not to side with writer/director Bernard Rose. Of course, his atmospherically unnerving horror cult-classic CANDYMAN doesn't quite cotton to the theory of the aforementioned quote, but it comes...
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Ash vs. Evil Dead season finale featured a nod to another horror icon

Sam Raimi did his horror movie homework while preparing to make his feature directorial debut with THE EVIL DEAD , and one of the movies he watched while preparing to make his own was Wes Craven's 1977 classic THE HILLS HAVE EYES . While watching HILLS, Raimi noticed that a JAWS poster was torn during a horrific event, and took that as Craven saying his film was much more...
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Cool Horror Videos: AITH's Killer Guide to Horror: Ash!

While we're usually focused on all manner of villains, psychos, monsters and murderers on AITH's Killer Guide to Horror , today we're taking a look at one of cinema's greatest heroes: Ashley J. Williams - Ash to you - from the EVIL DEAD franchise and Starz's highly enjoyable (so far) Ash Vs. Evil Dead . You love him, I love him, we all love this bumbling fool, which is why he deserves...
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The Test of Time: Army of Darkness (1992)

We all have certain movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? Do they continue to be must see? So…the point of this here column is how a film stands against the Test of Time, if the thing holds up for a modern...
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Starz has already green lit season two of Ash vs. Evil Dead

News doesn't get much better than this! The premiere of the Starz television series Ash vs. Evil Dead is still three days away, but Starz has already announced that they are dedicated to "the Ash-kicking business" and have given the show a greenlight to move forward on season two. Bruce Campbell will, of course, remain in the role of titular hero Ash for the...
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