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Artsploitation Films to release Jonas Govaert's Cub

I've been curious to check out Jonas Govaert's European horror film CUB ever since checking out the vicious trailer for the festival hit back in September of last year, and now the wait will soon be over as CUB will get a theatrical release in North America in mid-year through distributor Artsploitation Films, according to Variety. CUB sees a group boy scouts have a...
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Artsploitation acquires Romain Bassett's Horsehead

Romain Bassett’s hauntingly bizarre looking HORSEHEAD has just been snatched up by Artsploitation Films, reports Variety. While no dates have been given for its release at this time, expect to see a limited theatrical release before its distribution on DVD and VOD. If you missed the trailer from back in May, do yourself a favor and watch it HERE ; it will probably be the...
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Chilean horror flick Hidden in the Woods scooped for 2013 U.S. release

Well well, here's a pleasant surprise. After learning this past summer of Michael Biehn and wifey Jennifer Blanc's plans to remake Chilean horror film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS , Artsploitation Films has scooped up the original with plans for a 2013 U.S. release. How about that! Starring Siboney Lo (below), Serge Francois, Carolina Escobar, Jose Hernandez, Daniel Antivilo, Domingo...
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