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Horror Whores: Scary Movie 5 (2013)

So for today's Horror Whores I decided to go with something a bit more recent. That's right folks, I'm talking about SCARY MOVIE 5! Now relax, I know the thing sucked pretty hard but come on - a Horror Whore is a Horror Whore! Whether it's a good flick or not. So for today's clip we're taking a look at Lindsay Lohan's scene from the SCARY MOVIE sequel. That's right, her "sex scene" with...
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Horror Whores: Scary Movie V (2013)

It's come and gone folks. SCARY MOVIE V has come out and has pretty much already been forgotten, thankfully. I don't think I've met a handful of people in my life that enjoyed this franchise after the second film. Yet they keep on coming. Almost like some bad movie.... See what I did there? One good thing SCARY MOVIE V had going for it is today's Horror Whores! I'm talking about a scene...
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Ashley Tisdale joins Nic Cage in end of days thriller Left Behind

What an apt title...I've already LEFT BEHIND this awfully stupid Kirk Cameron remake. But alas, it's our job to tell you that Ashley Tisdale (seen) has been added to the rapturous thriller LEFT BEHIND, which also stars Nic Cage and Chad Michael Murray. Word from Deadline is Tisdale will play Chloe Steele, the daughter of Cage’s Ray Steele character. The story finds the...
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Scary Movie 5 gets a trailer and A Haunted House has a holiday TV spot

Marketing for SCARY MOVIE 5 and A HAUNTED HOUSE is ramping up, which means we've finally got a trailer for the former and a holiday themed TV spot for the latter. I've put them back to back so you can enjoy the, ahem, "humor" in one easy to digest package. Now, now, don't all of you go thanking me at the same time. Neither looks like a comedy classic, but I've gotta say A HAUNTED HOUSE...
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