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First look at Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson in AHS: Election

Filming has kicked off on the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY titled AHS: ELECTION.  So far we have heard that the series would (then wouldn't, then would) include Trump and Clinton as characters, and we also spread the word the new season was set to star SCREAM QUEENS star Billie Lourd alongside AHS mainstays Sarah Paulson and  Evan Peters. Well, over...
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Check out this creepy elephant man from American Horror Story: Election

I don't know if I can say I was 100% in on the upcoming season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY , or AHS: ELECTION, when I first heard about it. I mean I always give the new seasons a try, but I didn't make it past episode two of either HOTEL or ROANOKE. Just not my thing(s).  That said, I was sold on the new season when we learned a while back that SCREAM QUEENS star...
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John Carpenter returning this summer with new comic book series!

"There are moments when all of humanity goes to the same three words. Doesn't matter how smart you are. The depth of your lexicon becomes irrelevant in certain situations. What the f*ck?" John Carpenter may have hung up his director's hat following THE WARD , but that doesn't mean the man isn't out there creating cool horror shite for us. As we all...
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It's the Booze Talkin', We can't wait to see AHS tie it all together!

I love American Horror Story. Like many relationships of course, there are rough patches and perhaps a disagreement or so. Throughout the series’ six seasons, there are certainly times that have frustrated this viewer. Yet I always come back. When they technically replaced Jessica Lange with Lady Gaga, it didn’t sit well with me. I mean seriously, Gaga has nothing on the...
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Scream Factory resurrects women-in-prison flick Hellhole on Blu-Ray

Just in time for Easter, Scream Factory has arranged a much nastier resurrection. Although they announced a Blu-Ray release of the women-in-prison flick  HELLHOLE two years ago, they had to cancel their release due to "problems with the film elements."  What they were working with turned out to be a TV cut with the nudity and violence removed, rendering it...
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Top 10 Horror Movie Settings!

Very few aspects of a horror film are more important than setting. Think about it. This week's release of THE FOREST is a perfect example of such, as it takes place in the real Japanese location of Aokigahara, known as the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees, which is sits at the basin of Mt. Fuji. The area has for centuries been a place believed to be infested with spirits of those who committed...
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Jessica Lange done with American Horror Story; Matt Bomer joins season 5

Back in October of 2013 we learned that "American Horror Story" star Jessica Lange had shared that she would bow out of the hit FX series after season 4, and this past weekend at the "American Horror Story" panel at PaleyFest she revealed that she was staying true to her word, stating " Yes, I'm done " with the series. This is sad news for fans...
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Eliza Dushku and Chayce Crawford enter an asylum in Eloise

Eliza Dushku, Chayce Crawford, PJ Byrne and Brandon T. Jackson have all joined the cast of ELOISE, an asylum-set thriller from director Robert Legato (visual effects artist on AVATAR and TITANIC). What's intriguing about this one is that they're shooting in a real-deal abandoned insane asylum: Eloise Asylum in Michigan. (Check out the aerial shot above.) The place has been closed...
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Anchor Bay invites you to the House of Dust in May

We've been keeping tabs on when we would be able to take a trip to A.D. Calvo's HOUSE OF DUST, an asylum-based chiller that stars Inbar Lavi, Holland Roden, Steven Grayhm, Eddie Hassell and Stephen Spinella. Back in September of last year we brought you a creepy trailer for the flick and earlier this year we learned that Anchor Bay had scooped up the film, set to drop it later this...
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Trailer for Airplane vs. Volcano, starring Dean Cain and AITH's JimmyO!

C'mon...you know you have a favorite Asylum pic. Admit it! They may be cheesy but, dammit, they're a lotta fun to watch, especially if you have a six-pack to enjoy it with. Me, I'm partial to SHARKNADO, but from the looks of the recently released trailer for the upcoming AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, I could have a new Asylum guilty pleasure. It doesn't hurt that AITH's very...
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Exclusive: AITH Joins The Asylum's Airplane Vs Volcano, Saves Superman!

It was a moment unlike any other, one that will forever be seeped into my memory. Just stepping outside the lavatory door of a flight headed straight for the depth of hell I found myself faced with a conflict of epic proportions. There I was opposite the tension fueled rage of a dangerous villain with a handful of broken mini bottles held against my neck. At this very moment, I...
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Scream Factory to drop us in a Hellhole this summer

Who does it better than Scream Factory? No one! That's who. While we already have a slew of exciting titles to look forward to over the next few months (including SLEEPAWAY CAMP , RAVENOUS , THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE and more), those crazy cats over at Scream Factory are staying busy solidifying other titles to thier catalogue to bring to us, and today we've learned that...
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