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Alex Russell's body parts turn against him in Attach

Back in 1991, Eric Red directed a film called BODY PARTS , which was about a man who receives an arm transplant and discovers that his new limb has a mind of it own - a homicidal mind, because it used to belong to a serial killer.  Writer/director Chris Gorak's sci-fi thriller ATTACH has no official connection to BODY PARTS, but when I read the synopsis Red's film...
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Right at Your Door director set for Attach

Paramount has set their eyes on a little sci-fi flick titled ATTACH , which will be produced by CHRONICLE 's Adam Schroeder. According to THR, Paramount has nabbed writer-director Chris Gorak's sci-fi spec script ATTACH. Gorak, a longtime production designer who segued to the director's chair for the 2006 thriller RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR (pictured), also will direct ATTACH. I...
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