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Killing Ground (Movie Review)

PLOT: During a New Years getaway in the Australian woods, a couple unwittingly stumbles upon a grisly crime scene that forces their hand and alters their lives forever. REVIEW: With five years spent toiling with the truncated form, Aussie writer/director Damien Power has lent his apposite moniker to KILLING GROUND, an assuredly potent and shiftily muscular first time feature...
6 days ago
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Wyrmwood (Movie Review)

PLOT: When an all-out zombie apocalypse ravages the land down under, a laconic mechanic named Barry (Jay Gallagher) must rescue his sister Brooke (Bianca Bradey) before she's subjected to heinous medical experiments by her mysterious captors. REVIEW: A half-decade after crafting a pair of short-films, Australian DIY filmmaking brothers Tristan and Kiah Roache-Turner have...
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New trailer for Chris Sun's Aussie slasher Charlie's Farm, with Kane Hodder

In November of last year we learned that DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL director Chris Sun was set to helm the Aussie slasher CHARLIE'S FARM and that he had enlisted horror heavyweights Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley to co-star alongside SHARKNADO's Tara Reid and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD's Nathan Miller. In May we brought you a very impressive teaser trailer for the flick which sold me...
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Face-Off: Mad Max Vs. The Road Warrior

The majority was definitely in agreement with the outcome of our last Maniac Cop Face-Off that part 2 was the superior installment. It was also nice hearing everyone's general affinity for the fun, classic series. We are heading into a desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland for today's Face-Off off the recent news about a Fury Road that will soon be coming our way as well as the...
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You can't run and hide from this poster for Nick Robertson's The Pack

Last week we learned that Lightning Entertainment will be partnering on financing and production for Nick Robertson's new feral dog horror/thriller THE PACK, which is set to start principal photography next month in Australia. Today we unleash the hounds with the first piece of sales art for the film which warns that you can't run and hide from the terror, try as you might....
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Lightning strikes on Nick Robertson's feral dog thriller The Pack

Lightning Entertainment has come on as financing and production partner on Nick Robertson’s Australia horror THE PACK and will introduce the film in Cannes, according to Screen Daily. Michael Robertson and Kent Smith will produce through their new genre label Breakout Movies and THE PACK marks the debut theatrical release of Australian post-production and special effects...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Wolf Creek 2 Director Greg Mclean!

Over the past few years there have been a handful of genre directors creating compelling cinematic nightmares which have terrified audiences. One such flick is 2005’s intensely disturbing WOLF CREEK . In it, director Greg Mclean introduced the world to Mick Taylor – wonderfully played by John Jarrett - one of the most menacing horror movie psychos in years. With the first...
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New trailer & posters for The Rover, starring Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinson

Just announced as a part of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival line-up, David Michod's upcoming post-apocalyptic revenge thriller THE ROVER has just scored itself a new trailer and some posters and we've got 'em for ya to check out. The film, starring a grizzled Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, was picked up last year by A24, which plans to release it this summer on July 18....
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A24 sets July release for Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson-starring The Rover

I love that pic above. I like to imagine Guy Pearce is pissed at Robert Pattinson for making those shitty TWILIGHT films, but actually that is just one of the first stills released from David Michod's upcoming post-apocalyptic revenge thriller THE ROVER, which was scooped up by distributor A24 back in June of last year. Back in January we hit you with a teaser for the flick and...
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Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley & Tara Reid take a trip to Charlie's Farm

Australian horror writer/director Chris Sun is set to create an iconic Australian horror villian with his upcoming feature CHARLIE'S FARM, and he's bringing along some of horrors heavyweights to take the trip with him. is reporting that CHARLIE'S FARM has attracted an international cast that includes SHARKNADO's Tara Reid, Bill Moseley (THE...
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Poster and synopsis for Australian horror flick Safe Water 3D

Australian start-up production company ScreenLaunch will be bringing the "surfing horror" pic SAFE WATER 3D to AFM this week to interest buyers, and we've got the promo poster and synopsis for the pic. The film pairs producer Ross Howden and director Nathan Christoffel, who previously worked on ERASER CHILDREN. Here's the plot: Former surf champion Shelly returns to the sleepy...
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Nicole Kidman looks for her missing children in Strangerland

The WOLF CREEK 2 trailer just reminded us how perilous it can be in the outback, but if we needed some more proof, the high-profile thriller STRANGERLAND is going to give it to us. This Australia-set mystery is set to star a trio of fantastic Aussie actors: Nicole Kidman, Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving and it sounds as if it takes part in the grand tradition of eerie things happening in...
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