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UK war-horror flick No Man's Land makes monsters of us all

From AV Pictures comes a cool sounding new horror joint called NO MAN'S LAND , for which we just scored a synopsis and promo poster. The title made its rounds at the EFM this past week, hopefully enough interest was drummed up for buyers to want to invest. As it stands, the UK flick is currently in pre-production with plans to start filming later this month. Written and directed by...
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AV Pictures takes rights to horror film Let Us Prey

Screen Daily is reporting that AV Pictures has just acquired a new horror film called LET US PREY , with plans to distribute the film in multiple territories. The flick, currently in post-production, is directed by feature first-timer Brian O'Malley. According to the trade, Alamode/Pierrot Le Fou has acquired rights to LET US PREY in German-speaking Europe, Premiere TV...
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