Kill of the Day: You're Next (2011)

So for my first film of 2014 I tapped the highly acclaimed home invasion romp YOU'RE NEXT. This thing got great ratings across the board way back when it was released. I finally had a chance to tap this little diddy and boy did I have a good time! A bit predictable but a fun ride none the less! So for today's Kill of the Day we're going with one of my favorite scenes from the flick....
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New trailer for found footage flick Loss of Life

Another week, another entry into the found footage genre. It seemingly never ends, does it? I'm not knocking the found footage style of filmmaking, though. When handled correctly it can actually elevate a tense storyline, drawing the viewers in to the terror onscreen, and from first looks it seems that directors David Damiata and Michael Matteo Rossi may have something fun to add to the...
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Kill of the Day: Mother's Day (1980)

I'm going old school with today's Kill of the Day folks. I'm talking Troma old school! Can't go wrong with that, right? For today's clip we've got this awesome scene from the cult classic MOTHER'S DAY, which comes from the twisted mind of Charles Kaufman. In this scene one of our baddies gets a fate worse than death - an ax to the nuts! Ouch! Put me out of my misery, just don't hurt the...
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Kill of the Day: Tenebre (1982)

Today I was feeling a bit choppy so I decided to go with another Dario Argento gem for today's Kill of the Day. Remember when I said choppy? Well that's because today's clip is the vicious ax scene from Argento's TENEBRE. In the scene this chick gets cut down a peg or two and the blood flows like water! Some pretty awesome stuff. Scroll on down and check it out. Tenebre (1982)...
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Kill of the Day: The Clown at Midnight (1999)

When you think about scary clown flicks what comes to mind? KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE? Sure. IT? Of course. But what about THE CLOWN AT MIDNIGHT?? This little gem of a slasher flick popped up in the late 90s and didn't seem to make much noise. That doesn't mean we won't take a look at it here for today's Kill of the Day! In this scene we've got this stupid broad who thinks she has...
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