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Another AllPosters back to school sale! 30% off! Today only! is having their annual "Back to School Sale" and they got all kinds of slick posters going for cheaper than cheap. To save 30% on all purchases, make sure to use this code RXR796 which you enter in the "Add Gift Certificate Or Coupon Code" box on the"Please Confirm Your Purchase". The sale expires today! You can click on...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Adrienne Barbeau!

ADRIENNE BARBEAU THEN : Any self-respecting horror fan should know the name Adrienne Barbeau. The actress was a staple in the genre for many years, even married to John Carpenter for a time and appearing in a couple of his most impressive films. She was a rarity as she could play the “tough chick” yet there was nothing masculinized about this...
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