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Scream Factory's Bad Dreams/Visiting Hours Blu-ray combo details

Scream Factory scored a hit with fans when they released Andrew Fleming's 1988 shocker BAD DREAMS and the 1982 Michael Ironside and William Shatner-starring VISITING HOURS as a Killer Double Feature on DVD back in 2011 and now the company will be giving the combo the deluxe Blu-ray treatment packed with bonus content on February 18th, and we've got the deets for ya below!...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Jennifer Rubin!

JENNIFER RUBIN THEN : Freddy Kruger had his fair share of butt-kicking ladies to contend with. Most finally gave in to his nightmarish ways, but occasionally we as the audience remember the good fight. One such adversary is the unforgettable “Taryn White” played with a perfect blend of cynicism and female power by the lovely Jennifer Rubin. In...
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