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Sean Astin gets his groove on in new Bad Kids of Crestview Academy clip

BAD KIDS OF CRESTVIEW ACADEMY is a truly bonkers film, as proved by this new clip. This is probably the most normal moment in the movie (there's no evil cockroaches or teen murder), but it's still utterly bizarre, showing Sean Astin as a hapless school principal being coerced into dancing to some cheery J-pop. Check it out below, and if you like it you can check out the...
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Exclusive Bad Kids of Crestview Academy redband trailer is even more bonkers

BAD KIDS OF CRESTVIEW ACADEMY , the sequel to the crazy 2012 BREAKFAST CLUB slasher BAD KIDS GO TO HELL , has a brand new exclusive red band trailer and it looks even more bonkers than the first. The trailer springs in so many different directions, it looks overstuffed with madness, the perfect B-movie for hard-up fans of cult cinema. Check it out below! Written by Barry...
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Meet the Bad Kids of Crestview Academy in a new trailer

Four years ago, writer/director Matthew Spradlin and his co-writer Barry Wernick brought their "THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets THE GRUDGE " graphic novel BAD KIDS GO TO HELL to the screen. Now BAD KIDS GO TO HELL co-star Ben Browder has made his feature directorial debut with the sequel, BAD KIDS OF CRESTVIEW ACADEMY , which is set to be released in select theatres and on VOD on...
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Bad Kids Go to Hell with this NSFW clip

Phase 4 Films released BAD KIDS GO TO HELL on DVD today and with that we've got two new clips to grab your attention, and trust me, they will. Below you'll find two clips, one is red band for nudity and features the event that landed Megan (Amanda Alch) in detention and it's definitely warranted but oh so worth it! This horror-comedy was written and directed by Matthew Spradlin and...
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Phase 4 Films lands DVD & VOD rights for Bad Kids Go To Hell

Roughly a month after its theatrical bow, Phase 4 Films has announced today it has acquired all DVD and Digital Download rights to BAD KIDS GO TO HELL , the horror-comedy written and directed by Matthew Spradlin. While no DVD date is yet known, you will be able to download the flick as early as this Friday, January 11th. Cool shite! Starring Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate SG-1,...
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Judd Nelson busts some balls in new Bad Kids Go To Hell clip!

Due in limited release this weekend is Matthew Spradlin's BAD KIDS GO TO HELL , starring the great John Bender himself, Judd motherf*ckin' Nelson. If that name isn't enough of a draw on its own (and it should be), perhaps this new clip of Nelson giving the business to a bunch of snot nose little punks will help. It sure did for myself! Also featuring Ben Browder (Farscape,...
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