Kill of the Day: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

You know I never really thought THE DARK KNIGHT RISES had a fair shot. I mean, how in the hell do you follow up a movie like THE DARK KNIGHT? While RISES didn't come close to THE DARK KNIGHT I still think it's a phenomenal movie. That's just this schmuck's opinion. Today THE DARK KNIGHT RISES makes it's debut here on Kill of the Day. Personally this scene was one of my favorite of the...

Kill of the Day: Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)

If you haven't had a chance to check out the trilogy of Batman games that recently hit next gen consoles then I just feel bad for you. Seriously folks, these games are awesome. You know what's really awesome about them? They just keep getting better and better! For today's Kill of the Day I've decided to take a look at the latest game, BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS, and this cut-scene where...

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