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Exclusive: The Last Lovecraft Sequel coming from Devin McGinn & Kyle Davis

We here at Arrow in the Head love our horror! Add a little comedy into the mix and it can be fun times for all. This is definitely true for the 2009 cult flick THE LAST LOVECRAFT: RELIC OF CTHULHU. Starring one of my favorite horror dudes, Kyle Davis (FRIDAY THE 13th, THE HITCHER) and Devin McGinn (SKINWALKER RANCH), as well as a host of others including Martin Starr and Richard Riehle,...
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Bounty Killer trailer keeps the killing alive!

We just got our hands on the first trailer for Henry Saine's low-budget action flick BOUNTY KILLER and it looks like an ass kicking blast! ARC Entertainment will be releasing the film in theaters and VOD on September 6th with a DVD release on October 29th, 2013 — you can pre-order that shit right HERE ! If this badass trailer isn't enough to convince you folks to check...
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Bounty Killer heads to theaters and VOD this September

We hit you guys with our positive review of BOUNTY KILLER a few days ago as it just recently screened at the Fantasia Film Festival; and just like that we now have the release details for the flick — so read on and see what's what! If you're excited to check out the B-movie madness of Henry Saine's low-budget action flick BOUNTY KILLER, then you'll be happy to know...
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Review: Bounty Killer (Fantasia)

PLOT: In a future where the earth has been scorched through a third world war fought by the globe’s biggest corporations, white collar crime has become punishable by death. Corporate execs and businessmen are hunted by the “bounty killers”, a group of celebrity assassins. The top bounty killers are the enigmatic Drifter (Matthew Marsden), and his former...
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