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Horror Whores: Alyce Kills (2011)

You guys ever hear of a flick called ALYCE KILLS? Nah, you probably haven't. This little diddy is only a couple years old and hasn't really gotten a lot of attention. At least this schmuck hasn't heard much about it. From what I can tell though this one looks like a fun ride. As if you hadn't guessed yet, our Horror Whores today comes from ALYCE KILLS! Surprise, right? In today's clip...
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Horror Whores: The Attic (2007)

Alexandra Daddario is just wow! Seriously, this chick is amazing. She's got it all. Perfect in every way. Now Daddario isn't really a household name but I'd bet money she will be very soon! Especially in households that love the horror genre. Daddario is really making her way to being a Scream Queen. In today's Horror Whores we take a look at Daddario and her amazing cleavage in THE...
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