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Necessary Evil: Alien Vs. Predator Reboot!

Welcome back, my friends! Everything went swimmingly with our last Necessary Evil which posed the notion of a huge aquarium gone to Hell! With Alien Day occurring this week, we decided to base today's Necessary Evil on everyone's favorite acid-blooded Xenomorph! The only question was, how do we take it? Another sequel? Another prequel? Nope. Then, the idea struck: what...
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Kill of the Day: Conan the Barbarian (2011)

If you want to sit down and watch a fun flick with some brutal action look no further than CONAN THE BARBARIAN. We've seen the film tap Kill of the Day before but today we've got a real treat for you. In today's clip little Conan goes to town and takes out three bad dudes all by himself - and he spares no expense! It's always fun seeing some little kid brutally kicking ass. It's even...
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