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James Cameron gives his thoughts on Alien: Covenant

It has now been months since we were all finally able to check out the new ALIEN film by original franchise director Ridley Scott - and I think it's safe to say the general reaction wasn't on the bright side. That said, what did James Cameron aka the writer/director of the original ALIEN sequel ALIENS think of Ridley Scott's new prequel? Well, Mr. Cameron...
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Ridley Scott teases Ripley's mother in future Alien prequel

One of the things that ALIEN: COVENANT sorely needed was Sigourney Weaver. And a plot. All jokes aside, I think a little Ripley would really help out the slowly failing franchise quite a bit. We don't need full-on ALIENS Ripley massacring xenomorphs, but a little Ripley goes a long way. Use her. Turns out director Ridley Scott may be planning just that as he was recently...
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Here are the 12 deleted/extended scenes we'll see on Alien: Covenant Blu-ray

Back on Monday, we shared with you guys the new details on the upcoming Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT . In that post , we shared some broad strokes insights into what the disc(s) would contain including deleted/extended scenes, five featurettes, a "Master Class" documentary on Ridley Scott and more. Today we have more in-depth info on just what...
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Alien: Covenant Blu will have around 100 minutes of special features

I wasn't a fan of Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT , with my reaction falling along the lines of Eric Walkuski's 3/10 review , far below Jake Dee's 9/10 . Even though I didn't like the movie very much, I am a bit of a completist when it comes to film franchises, which means that I will eventually own a copy of COVENANT on DVD/Blu-ray. I have every other ALIEN movie, so I have to have...
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Neill Blomkamp confirms Alien 5 is officially dead

Well, this sucks. I guess. Turns out that ALIEN 5 movie we had been hearing so much about over the last few years - which was set to hit us from DISTRICT 9 director Neill Blomkamp - is officially dead. Ridley Scott said the movie "would never see the light of day" a month or so ago , but today we have confirmation from Blomkamp himself.  After CHAPPIE I...
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Ridley Scott says he cut 23 minutes of footage from Alien: Covenant

It was just last week that we shared the news Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT  already had a Steelbook available for pre-order. Today, we bring you a bit of news about what may be included on the disc once it hits the Fall. One of the first things I thought as I walked out of ALIEN: COVENANT was the film seemed like it was much longer at one point. I mean we had seen those...
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Alien: Covenant steelbook already available for pre-order!

Holy sh*t that was fast! Turns out there are already details and the cover available for the eventual release of ALIEN: COVENANT on Blu-ray! The film will be released in a Steelbook edition and you can check out the art for that below. There have not been a release date set for the Steelbook yet, but we do know the flick will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and...
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Alien: Covenant scores $42 mil Opening Weekend Overseas

Even though Ridley Scott's new ALIEN prequel ALIEN: COVENANT doesn't open here in the US until May 19th, it seems like every god*amn person I know has seen the flick already somehow and I fear I will be sitting my happy-ass alone-as-f*ck in the theater this Friday night. The reviews have been mixed, to say the least. Just take a look at these tweets from our own Paul...
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Ridley Scott admits where Prometheus went wrong

We are a little more than one week away from the release of Ridley Scott's new ALIEN prequel ALIEN: COVENANT . Our own Jake Dee gave the flick a glowing like the sun review tagged with an amazing 9/10 rating , and I bought my ticket that day. Today we have a bit of news on the other ALIEN prequel PROMETHEUS . Now I am a big fan of PROMETHEUS and I have little to zero...
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Check out new Alien: Covenant Bloopers & B-Roll

Earlier today we shared Jake Dee's review of the upcoming Ridley Scott-directed ALIEN prequel ALIEN: COVENANT . You can read the whole thing yourself right HERE.  Truth be told, I am trying to avoid (further) spoilers like the plague so I didn't read his full review yet. But I did scroll down to the bottom to see that he gave the flick a f*cking 9/10 rating ! How cool is...
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New Alien: Covenant posters tell us to hide, scream, and pray

The new Ridley Scott-directed ALIEN: COVENANT just held its premiere in London over the weekend. Our own Jake Dee got a look at the flick and we will be posting his review of the film in the next few days (so keep an eye out!). Until then we have yet another round of ALIEN: COVENANT poster for you guys today.  I have to say I'm not a huge fan of these new...
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Katherine Waterston's Daniels and MOTHER featured in Alien: Covenant promo

Fox has just released a new ALIEN: COVENANT promo - can't call it a clip, really, but a brief montage of clips - that focuses on Katherine Waterston's Ripley-esque character Daniels and her relationship to the Covenant's on-board artificial intelligence MUTHUR (yes, that's how it's being spelled). This obviously only accentuates how close to Ridley Scott's classic...
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