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Beware clicking on this first poster for Email, starring Nikki Reed

One click...and you're dead! That's the warning we get from the first poster for the Nikki Reed-starring EMAIL, which we first brought to your attention last month when the TWILIGHT beauty signed on to star in the Kelvin Tong-helmed horror flick about a cursed email. I've had a few of those hit my inbox in the past...no fun! Young journalist Thea Hartley...
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Early artwork for Eden Lodge is eerily familiar

Currently being shopped around at EFM in Berlin is a new slasher titled EDEN LODGE, which is coming to us from Lost Boy Pictures, and we've got the first bit of artwork to share with you. Coming from writer-director Andreas Prodromou, EDEN LODGE stars Aggy Kukawka, Cyd Casados, Ivy Corbin and Ben Gardner Gray and has the simple logline " the people they meet are being killed one...
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Kevin Smith's Tusk and Eduardo Sanchez's Exists picked up around the globe

With the European Film Market in full swing in Berlin, movies are being acquired left and right. Genre flicks usually do pretty well at these markets, and that's no different this time around. Case in point: Kevin Smith's walrus-man horror flick TUSK and Eduardo Sanchez's Bigfoot thriller EXISTS have proven to be among the hotter properties, selling out practically worldwide. EOne...
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