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Top 10 Guillermo del Toro Flicks!

Good gravy, is there a bigger name in movies these days than Guillermo del Toro?! Pretty crazy right, especially when you consider the dude has only directed 7 feature films over the last 20 years, with PACIFIC RIM, crash landing on Earth today, marking number 8. Mark it an 8 dude! That said, del Toro has become a brand name unto himself, using his Hollywood clout to assist others, mostly...
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Arrow in the Head's Top 10 Genre Video Games of 2012

I believe that 2012 was a solid year for video-games. We had a lot of big studios trying to bust out massive, epic-scaled blockbusters while at the same time we have a hardcore group of indie developers who were chomping at the bit to demonstrate their products as well. Things are getting exciting these days, kids. The world of social media, kickstarter and free-to-play modeled games is...
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