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Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Flicks!

Well well friends...can you believe it...the time is finally upon us. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is officially open for travel! And perhaps even more exciting than a 30-year wait finally ending, is just how universally beloved George Miller's latest is among critics across the globe. Hell, our very own E.Walk gave that sucker a perfect 10/10 score! Truth be told, with all the production delays and...
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Dissecting Director George Miller!

DIRECTOR GEORGE MILLER! Few visionary filmmakers have stamped their own brand-name on a truly original body of work as fiercely as Australian born George Miller has. Really. Miller and MAD MAX are synonymous, interchangeable even, likely due to the abject creative control the filmmaker has held over the property since 1979. Remember, Miller conceived of, wrote and...
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It's the Booze Talkin', We need another hero, and that hero is MAD MAX!

Like many moviegoers, once Summer kicks in and we have massive popcorn flicks coming out, I get pretty excited. There is nothing like a good superhero movie, or disaster flick, or whatever animated comedy with sights set to delight. Yet this summer there is something that has had me giddy for years - literally. The very second I heard about MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, the idea of returning to...
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Top 10 Australian Sci-fi/Horror Flicks!

Quick, what's the last good Australian horror flick you caught? Better yet, what's your all time favorite genre joint imported from the land down under? Can you think of one? I only dare ask because, being such a big fan of Greg McClean's singeing '05 flick WOLF CREEK, we're not only keen to celebrate the history of horror born in the land of Oz, but drum up a little pub for WOLF CREEK 2 as...
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Time to unleash the dogs of war! The Mad Max Trilogy is coming to Blu-Ray!

The films that ushered in a new era of action film staging, a new form of apocolyptic storytelling, and brought us one of the most iconic characters in cinematic history will finally come together for the first time as a Blu-Ray collection when Warner Brothers Home Entertainment unleashes THE MAD MAX TRILOGY on June 4. This is exciting news for fans of the series as it will mark the...
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