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Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese team up for Devil in the White City

Paramount just closed a deal on a Martin Scorsese picture based on a literary property. That's not entirely unusual news in the streets of Hollywood, but what makes it unusual is also the reason it's being reported on a horror site: Scorsese will be re-teaming with frequent star Leonardo DiCaprio (TITANIC, INCEPTION, CRITTERS 3) to create an adaptation of Erik...
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Disappearing airliner mystery Departure takes flight with Billy Ray

Veteran Hollywood screenwriter Billy Ray (VOLCANO, THE HUNGER GAMES) has signed on to write and direct DEPARTURE , a sci-fi mystery inspired by the book "Ghosts of the Air" by Martin Caidin. Good Universe (OLDBOY remake)is executive producing. Here's the plot: DEPARTURE follows a brilliant Miami-based FAA investigator who is obsessed with learning how a 727 suddenly vanished into...
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The Mummy reboot now has two competing screenplays

Here's a perfect example of a studio wearing its desperation on its sleeve. We've known for a little while now that Universal and Len Wiseman are in the process of rebooting THE MUMMY . Set in contemporary times, the project has had PROMETHEUS scribe Jon Spaihts on board since the beginning . But now it seems the studio is getting anxious to see the film move forward, so...
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