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Black Sabbath- Horror Movie Review- (Day 9 of 31)- October Massacre

PLOT: Three tales of terror - a ghost exacts revenge, a woman is harassed by a "dead" former lover, a man returns to his family with a thirst for blood - are spun by acting legend Boris Karloff. REVIEW: Mario Bava, the Godfather of the giallo, ladles on thick, juicy globs of atmosphere and dread in BLACK SABBATH, a triptych made up of gloomy tales of madness...
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Dissecting Director Mario Bava!

"In a horror film, lighting is 70% of the effectiveness. It's essential in creating the atmosphere." MARIO BAVA It's been a long time coming, but what better way to celebrate the lifework of the unofficial Godfather of Italian horror cinema than by waiting until the man's would-be centennial! That's right y'all, the legendary...
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Arrow in the Head Gets a Sneak Peek at Halloween Horror Nights 2013!

It’s almost that time of year again, and I couldn’t be more excited. Yes, Halloween is only a couple months away and one of my favorite annual events by far is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Every year, Creative Director John Murdy thinks of exciting new ways to terrify those in attendance. Throughout the years he has managed to create some seriously...
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Black Sabbath haunted maze is coming to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights!

How's this for an unusual Halloween Horror Nights attraction? For the very first time, Black Sabbath’s darkest lyrics from their biggest hits will be brought to life in a terrifying haunted 3D maze at Universal Studios Hollywood. Guests will be engulfed in a nightmarish landscape of doom as they enter the maze “Black Sabbath: 13 3D” and cross through horrifying graveyards,...
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