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Necessary Evil: Carpenter Vs. Zombie

Welcome back, friends! Time to get down with another round of horror that has to happen! I hope you had fun with our last Necessary Evil which came up with an updated version of the 1986 haunter, Witchboard . Today, we've got an idea for a new and different type of horror movie... one that you could say was ripped from the horror headlines! Horror master John Carpenter...
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Necessary Evil: Witchboard Remake!

Hello horror buddies! Hope you're all doing well as we creep into the Fall season which is always a nice time of year for those into the scary! I also hope you enjoyed our last Necessary Evil that suggested an idea for the obligatory sequel to Don't Breathe , the well-received horror hit of the Summer! Ironically enough, today sees the release of yet another highly...
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Necessary Evil: Don't Breathe Sequel!

Welcome back, my friends in horror! It feels like our beloved genre is currently in a very good place. The great Kevin Bacon showed some keen interest in playing Freddy Krueger which inspired our last Necessary Evil . It was very cool reading everyone's comments on that one. And now, we have a brand new horror movie out in theaters that is kicking ass both critically and...
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Necessary Evil: Nightmare on Elm Street with Kevin Bacon!

Hello, my horror hounds and welcome back to the scary that is necessary! It's nice to see you. Got a lot of interesting and cool feedback with our last Necessary Evil Horror Suicide Squad ! I had fun reading all the comments, both good and bad. Today's Necessary Evil was inspired from the very recent trending topic of Mr. Kevin Bacon throwing his hat in the ring on...
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Robert Rodriguez to produce horror film Blood

With the FROM DUSK TILL DAWN film and television series, THE FACULTY, and the PLANET TERROR segment of GRINDHOUSE , Robert Rodriguez has made some cool, fun contributions to the horror genre, and now he's teaming up with Bold Films to produce another horror offering, one called BLOOD . Originating as a screenplay written by Misha Green, co-creator of the WGN America series...
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Necessary Evil: A Horror Movie Version of Suicide Squad

Welcome back, friends! I hope you're prepared for another round of horror that has to happen! Also hope you took the time to check out our last Necessary Evil in complete darkness ! Suicide Squad finally releases this Friday and we can all see what happens when the baddest of the bad in the superhero world fight for good. I've always thought that was a pretty...
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Necessary Evil: Horror Movie in Complete Darkness

Hola, my horror hounds and welcome to another helping of scares that need to be there! The feedback on our last Ghostbusters 3 Necessary Evil was fantastic and I really wish the studio would give it a shot! This Friday sees the release of Lights Out in theaters and it got me thinking about how scary the dark truly is, especially in horror movies! Hence if a movie wanted to...
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Necessary Evil: Humanity, an alien invasion horror flick!

Hello again, my friends! It's time for another installment of horror that has to happen! Really appreciated hearing people's thought on our last Haunted House Necessary Evil . This Friday marks the end of the 20 year gap between 1996's Independence Day and it's long-awaited sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence . Hence with aliens invading Earth on our minds,...
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Necessary Evil: Memorial Day Creature Feature!

Hello, friends! Hope you're all feeling extra horrific (in a good way) today! I also hope you enjoyed our last Pamela Voorhees Necessary Evil as much as I did writing it. This coming weekend has always been thought of as the unofficial start to summer. It's also the inspiration for today's Necessary Evil! Memorial Day has never received the "horror holiday"...
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Necessary Evil: Mrs. Voorhees Movie!

Good day everyone! And Happy Friday the 13th! Yup, check your calendar, today is indeed one of those special days out of the year when a horror fan grins a bit bigger! For starters, I hope you enjoyed our last Necessary Evil which devised a way to reboot the Alien Vs. Predator franchise. It was a fun one to write! Now, for today's Necessary Evil, we are fully embracing the...
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Necessary Evil: Alien Vs. Predator Reboot!

Welcome back, my friends! Everything went swimmingly with our last Necessary Evil which posed the notion of a huge aquarium gone to Hell! With Alien Day occurring this week, we decided to base today's Necessary Evil on everyone's favorite acid-blooded Xenomorph! The only question was, how do we take it? Another sequel? Another prequel? Nope. Then, the idea struck: what...
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Necessary Evil: Aquarium Horror!

Howdy friends! I had a blast with our last Necessary Evil , and I'm glad that many others did as well! Still hoping that Ash and Hellboy do someday meet up on the big or small screen! Today's Necessary Evil idea sprung from a fun day trip I went on with my family last week. We visited this really cool, huge aquarium that was loaded with all types of interesting sea...
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