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Face-Off: Bloody Birthday vs. Happy Birthday to Me

Another year gone. Another year older. I celebrate my birthday soon before the year ends, and since the best way to celebrate most occasions is by watching a slasher movie, I figured that the best way to mark this particular occasion - my age ticking up another number as a new year is about to be born - would be to watch a pair of birthday-themed slashers and pit them against each other....
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Horror Movie Hotties: Bloody Birthday (1981)

I don't know about you, but I've been celebrating a lot of bloody birthdays this month. Not that it's all bad, but it get exhausting. What is it with months like November, April and June that seem to be magnets for babies? Anyway, wherever there's a universally recognized day of celebration, there's a horror movie to make you fearful of that event, and in this...
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Severin Films unleashes Bloody Birthday, The Baby and Bloody Moon on Blu-ray

Three obscure thrillers are heading to Blu-ray for the first time courtesy of Severin Films, which alongside Scream Factory continues to provide genre fans with insane 70s and 80s horror trash classics in high-def. This July, Severin is bringing us Ed Hunt's BLOODY BIRTHDAY , Ted Post's THE BABY , and Jess Franco's BLOODY MOON . THE BABY is an absolute must; deranged...
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