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John Carpenter might do the score for the new Halloween

Blumhouse's upcoming HALLOWEEN sequel is still buried in pre-production, so all is quiet on the Haddonfield front. Although both Mike Flanagan and Adam Wingard have been rumored to be in talks to direct, nothing solid has come from either claim. One thing we  do  know, however, is that this film will be produced by John Carpenter, making this the first project with his...
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Frank Grillo gets emotional in this clip from The Purge: Election Year

THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR has dropped a new clip, and though it doesn't feature any high octane action, it shows off Frank Grillo's depth as a badass. He might be able to shoot his way through a crowd of violent political satirists, but he also has  range , you know! Check out the clip below, where he explains his backstory to Elizabeth Mitchell (who I just...
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Politics are front and center in these Purge: Election Year posters

The satire of the PURGE films has gone from background noise in the original to just plain screaming in your face, even from the title.  THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR is the third entry in the franchise, and the intensely politicized horror-thriller flick is furthering its commitment to heavy-handed but delightfully bold commentary with these six new posters, each featuring the...
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Is Adam Wingard pursuing that Halloween directing gig?

Monday evening's announcement that Blumhouse Productions and Trancas International Films were teaming up to produce a new HALLOWEEN film for Miramax, with franchise creator John Carpenter returning to the series for the first time since HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH to executive produce the film, has stirred up a lot of excitement among fans of the series, and it has also...
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Halloween reboot to be produced by John Carpenter, Blumhouse and Miramax

Big news coming out of the Blumhouse Productions camp today. Our site, as well a handful of others, were exclusively informed just a few hours ago that a new HALLOWEEN film is on the way... and John Carpenter is executive producing! Not only that, he may score it as well! Dimension had been attempting to get a new HALLOWEEN off the ground for years (won't even link to all the...
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America's soul is at stake in new The Purge: Election Year trailer

I thought the best thing about THE PURGE: ANARCHY was the character played by Frank Grillo, a father-in-mourning and man of action who really reminded me of The Punisher. I enjoyed watching him fight his way through ANARCHY, and it's great to see that the character will once again be front and center in THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR . Judging from the new trailer, which can be...
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Kevin Bacon gives an update on the Tremors TV show

Last November , hot on the heels of the home video release of TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES , we heard that Kevin Bacon, co-star of the original TREMORS, was getting a dream project off the ground. Bacon had stated repeatedly in interviews that he wanted to reprise his TREMORS role of Valentine McKee to catch up with the character 25 years later, and lamented the fact that Universal...
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HBO picks up Sharp Objects with Amy Adams

Sharp Objects , the series adapted from Gone Girl scribe Gillian Flynn's novel, was taken out by EntertainmentOne and Blumhouse way back when in February. The Amy Adams-starring series didn't have long to wait before it was picked up, and it certainly landed a comfortable slot. You see, the series was picked up by HBO, going straight-to-series for an eight...
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Blair Witch's Eduardo Sanchez teams with Blumhouse for Sevenfold

Seventeen years ago, Eduardo Sanchez and his co-director Daniel Myrick rocked the cinematic world with their low budget ($60,000) feature THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT , which earned nearly $250 million at the global box office and convinced a lot of people that it was a true story. In the years since, Sanchez has continued to work in the genre, making such films as ALTERED , LOVELY MOLLY...
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Amy Adams to star in TV adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects

The works of author Gillian Flynn may not be outright horror, but her stories do deal with some very horrific subject matter. I haven't seen the adaptation of her novel DARK PLACES yet, but the adaptation of GONE GIRL was so good that I'm interested in checking out any Flynn projects that come along. As announced back in July of 2014 , Entertainment One and Blumhouse...
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Martyrs (2015 Remake) (Movie Review)

PLOT : Seeking revenge on the people who abducted and tortured her a decade earlier, a young woman unearths some horrific secrets. REVIEW : A few great films came out of what is apparently being called the "New French Extremity movement", but the one that seems to be the most enduringly popular, the one that gets brought up most often, is Pascal Laugier's 2008 film...
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Thomas Jane and Jessica Alba pull back The Veil on February 2

It's been a couple years since we last heard any news about the Blumhouse production THE VEIL , but now the best movie news of all has made its way online: a release date. Universal will be releasing THE VEIL onto VOD in just a few weeks, on February 2 nd. Taking its cues from the stunningly awful real world story of cult leader Jim Jones, this supernatural...
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