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Original Vs. Remake: The Evil Dead

We had a bunch of great comments and opinions on our last Original Vs. Remake . The Dawn of the Dead battle actually ended in a tie, yet many could see how that happened and weren't pissed off by it. Frankly, I was surprised, but pleased. Rock on! Today, we have ourselves another big-time battle between two beloved films that dared to open the Book of the Dead! So, pour yourself (and...

Arrow in the Head Gets a Sneak Peek at Halloween Horror Nights 2013!

It’s almost that time of year again, and I couldn’t be more excited. Yes, Halloween is only a couple months away and one of my favorite annual events by far is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Every year, Creative Director John Murdy thinks of exciting new ways to terrify those in attendance. Throughout the years he has managed to create some seriously...

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Argyris, Michelle