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Sweet Dreams Cthulhu bedtime book is monstrously adorable!

Let me start by saying that I don't normally run stories about on-going Kickstarter campaigns. Nothing against Kickstarter, or any peeps looking to fund shite on the site (I myself have tried so no hard feelings) it's just that once you open the floodgates on a topic such as Kickstarter you have no idea the flood that seeks to drown you in lame projects. That...
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Must See: Stephen King's Stranger Love Songs is brilliant

This just may be the coolest sh*t you see all day. Hell, all week possibly. Artist Butcher Billy has taken the titles of cheesy 80s songs and turned them into vintage, old-school covers for Stephen King books. Not only that, but he turned a select few into VHS cover boxes as well.  Butcher Billy on the art project:  This series imagines an alternate...
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New book Slash of the Titans details the legendary making of Freddy vs Jason

One of the major things I get asked all the time by non-horror fans is, "If FREDDY VS JASON made so much money, why wasn't there a sequel?" Trust me, I get asked this all the time. Not sure why. Anyhow, while this new book isn't an answer to THAT particular question, it might give people some insight into just how hard it was getting the first film released! The...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas: Books and Comics!

You know the drill: It's Christmastime, and your money is running away from you faster than The Arrow runs from a one night stand. But maybe right about now you're scraping the bottom of your cranium for ideas. Well, we've got you covered with a series of gift guides sure to deliver some last minute ideas to your eggnog-frozen brain. Today we're giving you 13 books that...
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Black Friday Deals! Horror Movie Blu-rays, Books and Collectibles!

You know the drill, kiddies! Here in the states the day after Thanksgiving is "bonus" holiday known as Black Friday, where we all gather round our wallets and see how much we can spend without going utterly bankrupt. It's just fun is what it is! (Which reminds me, you should check out our pitch for a Black Friday-themed slasher movie !) Below you'll find some killer deals on...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas: Video Games and Consoles!

Yup, we're still dishing out lucky 13 gift guides to help you out as you keep on the lookout for presents to hand over to your loved ones - or maybe you're just buying for yourself (selfish bastards). Today's focus is on video games and consoles. Now, I'm no gamer, but searching around Amazon today I found several pretty sweet deals on horror/action games, as well as some decent...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas: Books and comic books!

Most likely you're still on the hunt for some cool horror goodies to get your loved ones for Christmas. Well then, we already gave you some Blu-ray ideas , and today we're shoving some books in your face for your consideration. And yes, these are books , my friends, none of that electronic stuff! (Although those have their place, of course.) Additionally, there are...
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Cyber Monday Deals on movies, books and toys!

And we're back! Only three days after the craziness of Black Friday , Cyber Monday is here to wage war on your bank accounts! Below you'll find some sweet deals on toys, books and Blu-rays/DVDs. As I mentioned on Friday, ordering these items through our specific links helps us keep the site running, so if any should catch your eye, we very much appreciate your helping us out!...
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Black Friday Deals! Horror Movie Blu-rays, Toys, Books and More!

Happy Black Friday , ghouls! Today's the day in the U.S. where we forget all about family and getting together for a hot turkey dinner in favor of ravenously clawing each other over great deals on desirable merchandise. It's tradition! That cynicism aside, we're not going to skip an opportunity to peddle some cool goods ourselves. Below you'll find links to a bevy of cheap Blu-rays,...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas! Books and Video Games!

CHECK OUT OUR HORROR BLU-RAYS HERE! Christmas is coming our way like Michael Myers after Laurie Strode and nothing will stop it! Hence, here are 13 Books/Video games that may make for groovy gifts for others or for yourself! Now I didn't stick with horror, there just wasn't enough high end shit out there to fill this story up. But I picked books (like Dolph Lundgren's  and...
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Kill of the Day: Children of the Corn (1984)

One flick I liked a lot was 1984's CHILDREN OF THE CORN. There's just something about kids going around murdering people that's pretty creepy. I don't know, maybe that's just me? For today's Kill of the Day we're going to CHILDREN OF THE CORN for the first time! Took long enough, right? Today's clip is actually an awesome one at that! That's right folks - it's the opening massacre...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas! Horror Books!

And here is our last HORROR GIFT IDEAS installement! HORROR BOOKS! Out of the list below I have read JOYLAND , THE JAWS LOG , DON'T STAND SO CLOSE and THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE , all fine reads! Also don't forget to check out our VIDEO GAMES , TOY AND GAMES  and DVD/BLU-RAY SETS   suggestions! That's it for me, now it's time for me to start my damn...
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