Face-Off: Rosemary's Baby Vs. The Omen

It seems that the majority was in agreement with our previous Christmas-themed Face-Off that despite the allure of young, nubile females, Kingston Falls from Gremlins would still be a better place to spend Christmas as opposed to the sorority house from Black Christmas. Let's hear it for the warm heart of classic Americana! Today, we are kicking off the New Year with the birth of the...

Horror Whores: Born (2007)

Alison Brie is pretty damn hot, right? Of course she is! I haven't seen a second of "Community" and I know that. But wait... why am I talking about Alison Brie in a Horror Whores post? Maybe because Brie was actually in a horror flick back in 2007 where she went all lesbian and made out with another hottie. That's right folks, a pregnant Alison Brie gets down in today's Horror Whores...

Mistress Of The Week

Argyris, Michelle