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Where in the Horror are they Now? Charisma Carpenter!

CHARISMA CARPENTER THEN: There is one television series I never get tired of writing about. In fact, we’ve revisited this awesome show a couple of times in the past - hell, we even went original Buffy last week - and frankly it seemed like a good time to see what’s up with one of the coolest characters from the Buffyverse. Let’s talk Charisma...
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Dissecting The Wachowskis!

THE WACHOWSKIS! Can you think of an American filmmaker, or filmmakers, who so unapologetically march to the beat of their own drum than Andy and Lana Wachowski? The Coens perhaps? Tarantino maybe? If so, the number has to be minimal...the current risk-averse economic climate of moviemaking simply dictates such. But the Wachowski's were that way even before the...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Jennifer Tilly!

JENNIFER TILLY THEN : Recently I happened upon a couple of Facebook posts about the lovely Jennifer Tilly. There was mention of her being incredible sexy yet her voice was slightly annoying. This is not an opinion I share. In fact, it is just plain wrong. Tilly’s whole presence and being is absolutely stunning, especially the way she speaks. The actress is one of...
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