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Bounty Killer trailer keeps the killing alive!

We just got our hands on the first trailer for Henry Saine's low-budget action flick BOUNTY KILLER and it looks like an ass kicking blast! ARC Entertainment will be releasing the film in theaters and VOD on September 6th with a DVD release on October 29th, 2013 — you can pre-order that shit right HERE ! If this badass trailer isn't enough to convince you folks to check...
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Fantasia 2013 Wrap Up!

And so, another great year of the Fantasia Film Festival is in the books. Overall, it was another awesome year, filled with jam-packed, crazy screenings with ultra-enthusiastic audiences, laid back celebrity guests, and plenty of late-night drinking at the Irish Embassy in Montreal. At twenty-days, Fantasia ranks among one of the longest film festivals I’ve ever heard of, but...
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Bounty Killer heads to theaters and VOD this September

We hit you guys with our positive review of BOUNTY KILLER a few days ago as it just recently screened at the Fantasia Film Festival; and just like that we now have the release details for the flick — so read on and see what's what! If you're excited to check out the B-movie madness of Henry Saine's low-budget action flick BOUNTY KILLER, then you'll be happy to know...
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Review: Bounty Killer (Fantasia)

PLOT: In a future where the earth has been scorched through a third world war fought by the globe’s biggest corporations, white collar crime has become punishable by death. Corporate execs and businessmen are hunted by the “bounty killers”, a group of celebrity assassins. The top bounty killers are the enigmatic Drifter (Matthew Marsden), and his former...
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Fantasia Festival 2013 Preview!

Itís that time of year again! No, not Comic Con- although you can expect plenty of coverage on that here on AITH- itís the Fantasia Film Festival in my hometown, Montreal! Every year, programmer Mitch Davis helps put together an eclectic and awesome mix of some of the finest genre cinema from all around the world. Iíve been attending the festival since 2001, and this year is...
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