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Horror Movie Hotties: Death Spa (1989)

Crummy horror movies from the '80's aren't exactly slim for the picking, which makes it difficult to indicate which ones are worth watching. While one most certainly couldn't recommend DEATH SPA, the concept of a gym that kills its members is just weird enough to get our attention. Yes, this movie is literally about a spa that murders people, or rather, is controlled by...
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Horror Whores: Death Spa (1989)

You guys ever hear of a flick called DEATH SPA? Who am I kidding, of course you haven't! This little diddy is some cheesy romp from 1989 where a lot of mysterious deaths befall this health spa. Hey, sounds like a fun time to me! For today's Horror Whores we're taking a look at this gem and this scene in particular where hottie Chelsea Field goes for a nice relaxing swim. While wearing a...
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