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Brett Kelly's Ghastlies pays tribute to creatures of the '80s

There is a serious dearth of little creatures in the horror genre today. Back in the '80s, you couldn't move without tripping over some sort of minuscule monster. GREMLINS . CRITTERS . GHOULIES . MUNCHIES. For some reason, that trend has largely faded away, at least outside of Full Moon movies. Independent filmmaker Brett Kelly has taken note of the genre's lack of tiny...
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Peep the new poster for Canadian horror musical My Fair Zombie

We're creeping up on a year since flashing the trailer for the Canadian horror-musical MY FAIR ZOMBIE , far too long you if you ask us. However, now that the Brett Kelly film is gearing up for a 2013 release, a new poster for the wacky looking bastard has been unveiled. Cop a peek below! Based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, MY FAIR ZOMBIE concerns a professor of phonetics...
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