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Creepy trailer for Dan Walton & Dan Zachary's Bind, starring Darren Matheson

We've been covering news regarding Dan Walton and Dan Zachary's BIND for quite some time, and over the past several months we've brought you some creepy new posters , disturbing stills ( HERE and HERE ), and more. Now we've landed the trailer for this creepy-looking horror tale, which you can peep below! Hopefully we'll be hearing some release news for this one...
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Two new stills from Dan Walton's Bind come out from the shadows

We've been covering Dan Walton's upcoming supernatural shocker BIND for some time and are excited that we'll soon be seeing it as the film will see a release next spring, but while we wait for that release we've got two new spooky stills from the flick to share with ya below. Back in July we got our hands on a couple of creepy stills and some updates from BIND...
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Two new posters from Dan Walton's Bind are waiting for you

It seems that we've been hearing about Dan Walton's BIND for forever, but we are certainly getting closer to finally seeing it as we have been seeing a lot of new promotional pieces from the film lately, including the official teaser back in April, a couple of creepy new images in July, and the promise of a new trailer coming at us next month. Today we have two new posters...
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