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Cast brewing for Italy-set witch horror The Demoniacs

Here's a fun-sounding project: THE DEMONIACS , a ghastly thriller concerning a coven of witches set in Italy, with effects from longtime Dario Argento collaborator Sergio Stivaletti. Yes, you're hooked aren't you? THE DEMONIACS, from writer/director Brian Feeney, is currently assembling a pretty cool cast: Bai Ling will play a "warrior witch" named Vida, while JOHN DIES AT THE...

Horror Whores: The Echo Game (2009)

I consider myself to be an ass man. I'm a reformed boob man though. After watching today's Horror Whores I might just have to switch back again... In today's scene, which comes from the low budget romp THE ECHO GAME, we've got busty hottie Liliya Czarina taking a shower. Yeah, that's all she does. Is take a shower. But she does it damn well! The Echo Game (2009)...

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 Scorupco, Izabella