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Bill Condon in talks to direct the Bride of Frankenstein reboot

Producer Chris Morgan, who is overseeing the creation of the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe with Alex Kurtzman, has said he doesn't know which Universal Monsters reboot the studio will greenlight to be the second entry in the series, following the June 9th release of THE MUMMY . There are plenty of options to choose from - THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THE WOLF MAN,...
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Screenwriter David Koepp discusses the Bride of Frankenstein remake

Universal has been flirting with the idea of remaking the 1935 classic BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN for over twenty years, and as the decades have gone by several drafts of the script have been written, including one by INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE author Anne Rice. Now that the studio is rebooting all of its popular monster properties to create the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe,...
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Angelina Jolie might direct Bride of Frankenstein; David Koepp to pen script

A few weeks ago we let you know Universal was looking at Angelina Jolie to star in their BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN remake, which will be part of their impending Classic Monsters cinematic universe. Now, courtesy of Variety, it has come to light the studio is also hoping she'll direct the film.† Universal "wants to offer Angelina Jolie Pitt directing and starring gigs" in BRIDE OF...
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Angelina Jolie to play The Bride of Frankenstein?

Angelina Jolie as the Bride of Frankenstein? I can see it. Tucked into a Hollywood Reporter article about Jolie's disastrous directorial effort BY THE SEA is the interesting tidbit that Universal Pictures - the studio behind BY THE SEA and a potential BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN remake - might want Jolie to star as the titular monster. From THR: But even if Universal loses tens of...
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Cool Horror Videos: AITH's Killer Guide to Horror: Frankenstein's Monster

Strap yourself into the nearest gurney, kids, cuz it's time for another AITH's KILLER GUIDE TO HORROR ! Today we're focusing on one of the silver screen's most famous monsters: Frankenstein's Monster! The Monster is perhaps the most sympathetic and tragic of all Universal's Classic Monsters (with The Wolf Man a close second). The creature didn't ask to be born, nor did he ask to be...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Do the Universal Monster flicks need to be remade?

This past weekend audiences clearly had little desire to put down their hard earned cash for the latest horror inspired action flick I, FRANKENSTEIN. Yes the reviews are dismal and even moviegoers didnít seem all too enthralled with a man-made creation in Aaron Eckhartís form. I personally missed the flick but according to our own Eric Walkuskiís review , I didnít miss much. For an...
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AITH Podcast: Insidious: Chapter 2, Friday the 13th, classic Universal Monster movies!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast kicks off Halloween Season Eve by bringing the results to last week's question: what is better, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5 or PART 6 (7:59)? The people have spoken and the answer may surprise you. We both make it out to see INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 (23:31) and there's some fifing going on, but...
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Kill of the Day: Bride of Chucky (1998)

While I personally think the CHILD'S PLAY franchise started going downhill with Part 3 there's no denying BRIDE OF CHUCKY was a solid entry to the franchise. Sure it upped the comedy a bit more than prior installments but we got Jennifer Tilly in BRIDE OF CHUCKY! At least for a little while... Today's Kill of the Day has a pissed off Chucky dumping a TV screen into his ex-girlfriend's...
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