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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: APRIL & MAY 2016

Spring has officially sprung and while most people are starting to spend more and more time outside, us movie nerds are perfectly happy getting comfy and watching some new flicks; hence, time to update our Blu-ray and DVD release dates! April is bringing us gore galore with a 3-disc set of BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR , a spiffy new version of the cult classic THE STUFF and a little...
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It's the Booze Talkin', I'm game for a Re-Animator Reboot!

If it’s a Friday at the box office, chances are one of the opening movies will be a remake/sequel/reboot. It’s far from just a trend at this point, and it is as inescapable as a knife wielding psycho that can’t be stopped. Last weekend we had the triumphant MAD MAD: FURY ROAD and this weekend marks an amped up version of POLTERGEIST. It is a moot point...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Jeffrey Combs!

JEFFREY COMBS THEN : When I was very young the name Herbert West become synonymous with everything that was great in horror. In the 1985 classic RE-ANIMATOR, a crazed young medical student – who had fantastical ideas blurring the lines between life and death - quickly became an iconic genre figure. The actor, a young man by the name of Jeffrey Combs, had...
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Cool Horror Gear: Bride of Re-Animator's finger creature prop replica

How would you like this little guy staring back at you all day? Those of you who have seen 1989’s BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR will surely get a kick out of Amok Time’s latest collectible as they have faithfully recreated this monstrous prop as it appeared in the film. It is approximately 6x5x5 inches and was cast in durable poly-resin. Pre-orders are now open at...
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Dissecting Actor Jeffrey Combs

“Jeffrey Combs” Buy RE-ANIMATOR here! From the day Jeffrey Combs busted on the scene with RE-ANIMATOR in 1985, he has been a staple to the horror community and legend among legends in the genre. From his strangely-intense composure to the selections of films he chooses to be a part of, the man has been in over 100 movies and TV shows, has expanded from...
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