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Sam Jackson finally speaks out about Split's secret ending

By this point we have all seen SPLIT , right?  And if we haven't, I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure someone has already ruined it for you. My condolences. My point is I think it's time we stopped beating around the spoiler bush and just come right out and talk about the secret ending to SPLIT. But just in case... SPOILERS There. I can sleep at night....
5 days ago
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Exclusive: Split Movie Breakdown! [Video]

WARNING! This article and video contain major SPLIT spoilers! Anyone who has seen SPLIT , and even some people who haven't at this point, know well that its biggest surprise is the connection it has to director M. Night Shyamalan's UNBREAKABLE . Yes, 17 years after the release of the Bruce Willis superhero origin story, Night has gone ahead and made a pseudo-sequel,...
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SPOILERS: M. Night Shyamalan & James McAvoy talk Split sequel

SPOILERS. SPOILERS. SPOILERS. SPOILERS. UNBREAKABLE. SPOILERS.  There, I did my part in keeping fresh eyes away from the awesomeness of what we are about to discuss. Now on to the good stuff. As many of you might know after this past weekend, M. Night Shyamalan's new flick SPLIT had a surprise ending slapped onto it (go figure). However this surprise...
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It's Bruce Willis vs. Beau Knapp for the Death Wish remake

Bruce Willis has long been attached to play vigilante Paul Kersey in a remake of the 1974 classic franchise-starter DEATH WISH . That remake is now in production, filming on the streets of Montreal and Chicago with Eli Roth at the helm. Nearly a month into filming, we now know will be playing the main villain Willis's Kersey will be facing off with: Beau Knapp as a character named...
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Mike Epps joins Bruce Willis in Eli Roth's Death Wish

Eli Roth's remake of DEATH WISH is chugging along, and lead Bruce Willis has just found a new friend. The newest addition to the cast is Mike Epps, who will be playing Dr. Chris Salgado, "a playboy doctor and close friend of Willis’ character Paul Kersey." Epps has had a varied career, appearing all over the map in roles like Black Doug in the...
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Vincent D'Onofrio and Dean Norris sign on for the Death Wish remake

Although I grew up watching and enjoying Bruce Willis movies, his lack of enthusiasm in most of the movies he's making these days is palpable, so I find it unfortunate that he is the actor replacing Charles Bronson in the remake of the classic revenge thriller DEATH WISH . This take on the material originated with Joe Carnahan, who was going to write and direct it until he and...
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Eli Roth to direct Bruce Willis in the Death Wish remake

The DEATH WISH remake has been having some issues. Last month, original directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado (BIG BAD WOLVES) bailed on the project, leaving it rudderless... Until now. A new director has signed onto the project and it's none other than maven of bloody mayhem Eli Roth. Roth has only recently begun working with big Hollywood stars when he cast...
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The Bruce Willis Death Wish remake loses its directors

The chronically ill-fated DEATH WISH remake has suffered another setback. While BIG BAD WOLVES  writer-directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado were set to helm the project, they have since left the project due to creative differences, feeling choked out by a restrictive release date. Here's their lengthy but fascinating statement: Relief. Finally a...
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Death Wish remake to star Bruce Willis, directed by Big Bad Wolves team

DEATH WISH is a movie that is threatened with a remake every few years. Last we heard, Joe Carnahan was close to making it, but that fell apart - much to Carnahan's obvious chagrin. But now it's on again, with a brand new team. Bruce Willis has signed to play lead Paul Kersey, the man who takes on New York City's punks with a vengeance, while RABIES and BIG BAD WOLVES directors Aharon...
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First look at Bruce Willis & Scream 2's Laurie Metcalf in Broadway's Misery

MISERY is a classic in every single incarnation. The Stephen King novel has become a cultural touchstone and the Rob Reiner film adaptation earned Kathy Bates an Oscar for Best Actress. Now the property is moving to Broadway and hopefully new notoriety with SCREAM 2 's Laurie Metcalf stepping into the role of deranged fan Annie Wilkes, opposite Bruce Freaking...
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Laurie Metcalf will torment Bruce Willis in the Misery stage play

I used to be a fan of Bruce Willis, but I feel the actor has lost something in recent years. He may be working more than ever, it seems like he's in a new direct-to-video thriller every month, but he no longer appears to be putting in any effort. He just shows up on the set to be Bruce Willis in front of the camera. The biggest disappointment in a film that delivered disappointment at...
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Bruce Willis thriller Wake shut down indefinitely

Bad news for the Bruce Willis-Ben Kingsley thriller WAKE , which we last told you about in">February : Deadline is reporting the film has been shut down indefinitely, with Willis (and likely everyone else) leaving the project for good. The reason for this disappointing news is financial (isn't it...
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