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Pre-order the new Joe R. Lansdale novel, a prequel to Bubba Ho-Tep

" Before Bubba Ho-Tep, there was Bubba and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers ." Subterranean Press is now taking pre-orders for the new Joe R. Lansdale novel BUBBA AND THE COSMIC BLOOD-SUCKERS , a prequel to the author's 1994 novella BUBBA HO-TEP - which, of course, served as the source material for Don Coscarelli's amazing 2002 film of the same name. In that...
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Bubba Ho-Tep is coming to Blu-ray, Don Coscarelli hopeful for a sequel

My hype level was through the roof in the build-up to the fall 2003 theatrical release of BUBBA HO-TEP , because I am the sort of moviegoer who will believe that a film directed by PHANTASM creator Don Coscarelli, starring THE EVIL DEAD 's Bruce Campbell, and based on a Joe R. Lansdale story about an elderly Elvis Presley and an elderly, black JFK battling a mummy in a nursing...
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Paul Giamatti is still talking up Bubba Nosferatu

Paul Giamatti is one of those A-list guys who seems to have a genuine love for the genre (sort of like Nicholas Cage, but less crazy). The award winning actor most recently hitched his horror movie wagon to director Don Coscarelli's by co-starring in and producing JOHN DIES AT THE END. With the film's release approaching it seems that the pair are still planning to pursue the much...
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