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Top 10 Michael Myers Kills!

So, you ghouls and gals have a killer Halloween this year? You still hung-over on horror movie marathons and stomach-killing sugar overdoses? You should be! But don't fret folks, we're here to offer one last Halloween celebration that should be as sweet as the 14 pounds of candy you packed in your pillowcase. That's right, we're spending the day with Halloween's finest cinematic creation, Mr....
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Kill of the Day: The Machine Girl (2008)

While searching for today's Kill of the Day I stumbled on this little gem from THE MACHINE GIRL. Seriously people, I dare you to watch this scene and not be entertained. The set-up is perfectly cheesy and the execution is just knocks it out of the park. Can someone tell me how this chick's intestines get puked up when she got stabbed in the back of the neck? Got to love it! I was pretty...
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Kill of the Day: Sinister (2012)

The other night I finally got a chance to sit down and watch SINISTER. I was stoked for this thing but then I saw it got a mixed bag so I was a bit hesitant. And.... it was ok. Yeah, just ok. It had the potential to be something awesome but it cheapened itself with the jump scares. One thing I really liked about it was stuff like today's Kill of the Day. I won't even explain it. I'll...
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