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Cool Horror Videos: Angels are hunted As They Continue to Fall

C. Robert Cargill, formerly know as Massawyrm from Ain't It Cool News, has made some solid contributions to the horror genre in recent years, co-writing SINISTER and SINISTER 2 with Scott Derrickson, a collaboration that continues with next month's DOCTOR STRANGE , which will be bringing some mind-bending insanity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cargill has now...
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Exclusive: Sinister 2 clip explores mythology of Bughuul

If you're excited for the return of Bughuul, have we got a treat for you: Today we exclusively bring you the first official clip from Ciaran Foy's SINISTER 2 ! In said clip, the first film's Deputy So & So (James Ransone) and occult specialist Dr. Stromberg (Tate Ellington) discuss the ominous trademarks of the franchise's villain, Bughuul, aka Mr. Boogie. The atmosphere is thick...
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Sinister 2 delivers creepy new kill film and motion poster!

  Did you know it's National Twins Day today? I didn't either, until the helpful folks at Focus Features reminded me yesterday by sending two frightening twins to my door to deliver a package. See the image below of the lovely gift the folks behind SINISTER 2 bestowed upon me. And I've got some gifts for you! First, a creepy motion poster for the film, which comes out in two...
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Sinister 2 launches midnight screening program Sinister Weekends

  Not all of you are likely excited about SINISTER 2 's impending release, but even you naysayers will have to admit this is pretty cool. Gramercy Pictures has announced “Sinister Weekends,” a midnight screenings program across the country to connect “Sinister” fans with the franchise’s haunting inspirations including THE RING , LET THE...
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First teaser for Sinister 2 starring Shannyn Sossamon

The first trailer for SINISTER 2 premiered at WonderCon yesterday, and while we don't have the whole thing for you just yet, we can pass along this brief teaser to whet your appetite. The full trailer will be issued on April 9th, so you won't have to wait very long. Here's the equally short synopsis: A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that's marked for...
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Sinister 2 lands an official release date; begins filming next month

We recently learned that a sequel to Scott Derrickson's 2012 surprise hit SINISTER would begin lensing in Chicago in August with CITADEL helmer Ciaran Foy tackling directing duties . Now we've learned when we can expect SINISTER 2 to hit theaters as Focus Features have shared that the sequel to the micro-budget horror-hit will open wide in theaters on August 21, 2015. ...
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Predators writer boards CBS Films' Deus Ex adaptation

It was almost one year ago to the day (tomorrow, actually) that we last reported on CBS Films' upcoming adaptation of the hit videogame DEUS EX, when the film's writer at the time, C. Robert Cargill, shared his vision of what the flick could be by stating " We want this film to be BLADE RUNNER ". That got us stoked about the adaptation, which at the time was to be...
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Scott Derrickson is heading to The Outer Limits

Scott Derrickson, the man behind SINISTER and the forthcoming DELIVER US FROM EVIL, has been leaving quite a mark in the genre over the years, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Per THR, Derrickson is reuniting with his SINISTER co-scribe C. Robert Cargill to write the big-screen take of the cult classic 1960s sci-fi TV series “The Outer Limits”....
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Ciaran Foy to direct Sinister sequel for Blumhouse

CITADEL director Ciaran Foy has been tapped to steer the SINISTER sequel for Blumhouse! While 2012’s SINISTER director Scott Derrickson isn’t at the helm this time around, he did write the script with his partner in crime C. Robert Cargill, so it should quite interesting to see a new vision from an up and coming director like Ciaran Foy. There's not much else to...
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Deus Ex adaptation writer says "We want this movie to be Blade Runner"

It's been many moons since we last heard any word on the live action adaptation of the iconic Square Enix video game DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION, with our last story coming in November of last year when SINISTER duo Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill had come onboard to direct and co-write, respectively. This past week at San Diego Comic-Con, the film’s co-writer C....
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Because we all asked for it, a sequel to Sinister reels in

We've known for a while that there has been interest in exploring a sequel to SINISTER but there hasn't been any official word, until now. Deadline is reporting that Blumhouse Productions is officially moving forward with the sequel to Scott Derrickson's box-office hit SINISTER. While everything is still in the early stages it is said that Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill will...
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Do you want to see Sinister 2? It may happen..

My favorite horror film of 2012 was indisputably Scott Derrickson's menacing and scary SINISTER , and I know I'm not alone. Horror films that actually frighten me don't come along very often, so when one does it must be celebrated. I liked it so much that I'm of the mind that a sequel is necessary; I want to see more Mr. Boogie, pronto. Naturally, it's likely one will come along....
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