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Attack of the Killer Donuts trailer will melt your brain

Throughout the history of the horror genre, food has had a tendency to turn bad in a murderous way, from ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES to THE STUFF. Now visual effects supervisor/director Scott Wheeler has set out to make you fear circular, sugary, delicious pastries with ATTACK OF THE KILLER DONUTS . Written by Nathan Dalton, Chris De Christopher, and Rafael Diaz-Wagner, DONUTS...
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Original Vs. Remake: The Hitcher

The choice was crystal clear on our last Original Vs. Remake , which had John Carpenter's THE FOG easily blasting the horrendous 2005 remake out to sea. I appreciated everyone's obligatory responses greatly! For today's O vs. R, we are hitting the road with a pair of films that will definitely make you think twice about looking for some traveling company on your next long trip. So,...
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New poster and teaser for Bigfoot Wars, starring C. Thomas Howell

Last week we brought you the first poster for director Brian Jaynes' upcoming BIGFOOT WARS, based on author Eric S. Brown's sasquatch-based series titled "Bigfoot War", and today we have a new poster and the first teaser to share with ya so you can prepare for battle. THE HITCHER star C. Thomas Howell and THE BREAKFAST CLUB's Judd Nelson star alongside THE...
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Prepare for battle with this poster for Bigfoot Wars, starring Judd Nelson

What's scarier than encountering Bigfoot? How about taking on an army of them? That's exactly what we can expect in May when Origin Releasing unleashes Brain T. Jayne's BIGFOOT WARS on us, and today we have the new poster for the C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson-starring flick to share with ya. Back in June of last year we learned that Origin Releasing had scooped up...
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Cool Horror Videos: Awesome 38-minute documentary on the original The Hitcher!

One of our collective favorites here at AITH is Eric Red's superb 1986 thriller THE HITCHER . We love this movie! So it goes without saying just how f*cking cool this next video is... Below you'll find a kick-ass, 38-minute documentary on THE HITCHER, which includes key players in the original film. Eric Red is on hand, as is Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell and other above...
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C. Thomas Howell signs up to fight Bigfoot Wars

Last month we shared the news that Origin Releasing had picked up the motion picture rights to "Bigfoot War", the literary series by science fiction author Eric S. Brown inspired by the legend of a monstrous Bigfoot type primate living in and around Boggy Creek, with the action-packed creature feature to be titled BIGFOOT WARS. Today we have word on casting on the Brian...
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