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Critics weigh in on You're Next in this 'Really Scary' TV spot

I wish I was next to see YOU'RE NEXT , which has been my most anticipated film of the summer since hearing it had solidified an August 23rd release date. The wait is almost over and now promotion for the flick is in overdrive, with TV spots, trailers, new posters and more coming at us to get us stoked about the film our own Eric Walkuski described as ' a deliciously evil...

First clip from You're Next is an axeful!

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's home invasion flick YOU'RE NEXT is inching closer to terrorizing theaters and it's about damn time! Now that we are nearing its August 23rd release date we've got the film's very first clip featuring terror in glorious slow motion. After you check out the clip head over to Eric's review of YOU'RE NEXT right HERE and see...

You're Next quad is full of praise

With YOU'RE NEXT inching closer and closer to finally getting its theatrical run, we thought a cool new UK quad poster that displays the title in deliciously bloody text would hold you over until its August 23rd release date! Adam Wingard's YOU'RE NEXT is a new take on the home invasion genre that stars Nick Tucci, Wendy Glenn, AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg, Margaret Laney, Amy...

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