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Jessica Lowndes and Cam Gigandet join supernatural thriller Becoming

Jessica Lowndes and Cam Gigandet will play an engaged couple on the road to ruin in BECOMING , a new thriller being prepped by Omar Naim (THE FINAL CUT). The film is, of course, currently being sold at the Cannes Film Festival. Unrelated: Remember the days when Cam Gigandet was seemingly in every other movie? Yeesh, dark times indeed. And we still can't shake him. BECOMING...
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Trailer for Catherine Hardwicke's Plush is a rock 'n roll nightmare

Catherine Hardwicke, whose work as a director started off so promisingly with the fantastic THIRTEEN and THE LORDS OF DOGTOWN before delivering the craptacular TWILIGHT and the embarrassing RED RIDING HOOD , has teamed up with the producers of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS for the rock 'n roll thriller PLUSH, starring Emily Browning, and we've got the trailer for you...
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