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Blood Feast remake edited down to R-rating for theatrical release

The last word we shared in regards to the upcoming remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis' splatter classic BLOOD FEAST was that the flick was getting a theatrical release this summer and we shared with you guys an all new poster (which you can find below). Since then the word has been quiet on the BLOOD FEAST remake side of things. Until today, that is. Today we learned that the...
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Blood Feast remake gets a new official poster

It was just yesterday that we shared with you guys the news that the remake of BLOOD FEAST was getting a theatrical release this summer in the top 40 markets. And now today we have the flick's new poster to share! The poster looks pretty damn cool. I'm digging the dude with the Egyptian headdress and the slick-looking suit and tie. That's a cool mixture of scary and...
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Blood Feast remake gets a wide theatrical release this Summer

The last we heard of the upcoming BLOOD FEAST remake was back in March when we shared the news that the remake secured a U.S. distribution deal through Medallion Releasing and would be put out in theaters in April. Today we have word that Hannover House and Crimson Forest Entertainment Group have entered into a distribution deal for a nationwide theatrical release of Blood...
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Contracted's Eric England starts a new company with Greenlight

Eric England, who is probably best known for writing and directing the 2013 body horror film CONTRACTED , has teamed with Greg Blunden and Phil Malaspina to form TalkStory, a production and financing company that will focus on first-time and emerging filmmakers. The first TalkStory film is a horror-thriller titled GREENLIGHT , and Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive first look at...
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The remake of Blood Feast is coming to theatres in April

It's been quite a while since we've heard anything about director Marcel Walz's remake of the 1963 H.G. Lewis cult classic BLOOD FEAST . Things have been pretty quiet on the BLOOD FEAST front ever since the remake's trailer was released online last June. The silence has now been broken, as Walz shared some very good news with the folks over at Shock Till You...
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Friday the 13th Part 3: The Memoriam Documentary gets a teaser

Although it was JASON LIVES: FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI that introduced me to the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise and started my interest in horror, my favorite F13 film is actually FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III , largely because it features what I feel is the perfect version of Jason Voorhees. PART III is the movie in which Jason gets his hockey mask, which he dons just in time for the...
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Caroline Williams and Debbie Rochon star in giallo Fantasma

Legendary scream queens Caroline Williams and Debbie Rochon are among the stars of the giallo homage FANTASMA , which pays tribute to such Dario Argento films as DEEP RED and SUSPIRIA while also featuring Lucio Fulci style gore. FANTASMA was written and directed by Brett Mullen and Matt Cloude, with Mullen taking over full directing duties midway when Cloude left the project...
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Scream queen-packed Tales of Poe is transcribed to home video this October

TALES OF POE , the horror anthology based on Edgar Allan Poe stories from directors Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly, is coming to haunt us next month from Wild Eye Releasing. Coming to DVD and Digital HD on  October 11th , the release includes a behind the scenes featurette, deleted scenes, an interview with co-director Bart Mastronardi, trailers, and more. You...
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Tales of Halloween to get a 4-disc collector's edition release

On October 16, 2015, Epic Pictures Releasing put the horror anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN out in theatres and on VOD. Consisting of ten segments from eleven directors, the film was a very fun celebration of the Halloween holiday and the horror genre that instantly earned a place on my list of movies to watch every Halloween season.  Just in time for the holiday this year,...
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Tales of Poe stars scream queens King, Steel, Rochon, Williams and Donaldson

After making the festival rounds for a couple years, directors Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly's Edgar Allan Poe anthology TALES OF POE is set to reach DVD and Digital HD this October , courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing. Written by Bart Mastronardi, Alan Rowe Kelly, and Michael Varrati, TALES OF POE provides  a unique new spin on three of Poe’s popular...
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Remake trailer invites you to the new Blood Feast

In 1963, H.G. Lewis created the splatter movie with the classic BLOOD FEAST . More than fifty years later, director Marcel Walz has embarked on crafting a remake of BLOOD FEAST, and even though we've been following the project for a year now all we had seen from it had been some promotional images. That has changed now, with a trailer arriving online to dish out enough gore-soaked...
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Images emerge from the remake of H.G. Lewis's Blood Feast

Having wrapped production last fall, writer/director Marcel Walz's remake of H.G. Lewis's 1963 splatter classic BLOOD FEAST is now deep into the post-production process. While there has been no word on release plans for the remake, we do have a new batch of pictures from it to share. A batch that is slightly NSFW because, yes, there is some nipple. Walz's version...
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